Our Story


Ozark Fisheries is a 4th generation family owned and operated ornamental goldfish and koi farm. Founded in 1926, Ozark Fisheries has been raising and selling quality goldfish and koi throughout North America for over 90 years.

With two locations to better serve our customers, our headquarters is located near Stoutland, Missouri. In 1970, Ozark Fisheries purchased a second farm in Martinsville, Indiana. Originally established in 1899 as Grassyfork Fisheries, our Indiana location is the oldest, continuously operated private fish farm in the United States.

We raise common goldfish as well as several varieties of ornamental fancy goldfish including red fantails, calico fantails, pond comets, shubunkins, and sarasa comets. We raise and sell standard fin and butterfly koi. As well as rosie red minnows, black fathead minnows, bullfrog tadpoles, trapdoor snails, and crayfish.

When you purchase fish from Ozark Fisheries, you will get the personalized service you deserve from knowledgeable aquaculture experts along with the best customer service in the industry.